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Download and watch Best Of The Real House Of Comedy skits

Here is the compilation of the real house comedy videos... Guys I just watched this and I thought of sharing it with you guys in my Hood... Well this is a dope skit and it's must watch skit videos.. Always my priority to make you laugh enjoy guys.. Click here to download video
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3gp240 for lower versionClick here to watch from YouTubeTHE HOOD IS ALWAYS READY TO MAKE YOU LAUGH..
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Download a new hit video of 69missed calls

This is a  new hit music video dropped by a  upcoming artist of eksu(ekiti state university) student...the video got a lot of good graphics with some nice performance..for skaters and scooters lover you got your  people in the video also...guys you need to watch this so cool and nice... Click here to download video
Viewers choice
Click here to watch on youtube
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Craze clown latest compilation

Here Is the latest compilation of craze clown comedy Is another hilarious skit to make you happy and smile.,..this is brought to you by KINHOOD remember guys that there's ways a download and watch link...enjoy CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD VIDEO
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