Jokes: brother Muhammad gambo


Two christians were lost in the Sahara desert on their way to Libya.
One was David and the other was Christian. They were
terribly dying of hunger and thirst when they suddenly came upon an oasis with what looked like an emirate with a mosque in the middle. David said to Christian “Let’s pretend as if we are muslims otherwise we wil not get food or drink.
I am going to call myself Muhammad Gambo”!  Christian refused to change his name “My name is Christian and I will NOT pretend to be what I am not. When they got there, the Imam of the Mosque received both of them well and asked for their names. David said “My name is Muhammad
Gambo” 👳but Christian said “My name is Christian” 👼The Imam turned to the helpers of
the Mosque and said “Please bring some food and water for Christian only. 🍟🌭
Then he turned to the other and said “Well Muhammad, I hope you are aware that we are still in the month of Ramadan?😳😳😳😳
The guy fainted.😂😂

No matter d circunstance in life, please be faithful 
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