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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Jokes: ofego and the Jehovah witness

Jehovah Witness Preaching To Ofego, 
JW: Who is your best Bible Character?
OFEGO: Noah!
JW: Perfect! According to the bible, how many humans survived the
great flood?
OFEGO: Nine.
JW: You try, but you are not totally correct. Now look
attentively at the image below the paragraph. How
many humans are there?
OFEGO: Eight. 
JW: Correct! So how many people survived the flood
OFEGO: Nine people.
JW: NO Brother, No! Let's recount please! Noah and his wife, his three sons and their wives. In
total that makes how many people?
OFEGO: Eight people.
JW: So that gives us how many people that survived
the flood?
OFEGO: Nine people.
JW: Please why do you keep saying nine people when on
the image it's clear that they were eight people?
OFEGO: Auntie please don't be offended o! The photographer that
snap them the picture that you people are showing me now, is he not a human being

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