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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Joke of the day"THE BIG BOYS CHICKEN"

I went to an eatery yesterday and I ordered for 2wraps of semo with a big chicken and one bottle of farouz....
I observed people are looking at me...but as a big boy I gotta keep my head I was served..I noticed I was now the main focus of the people..well I've to bring out my phone and start pressing so that I won't be shy....I finished the 2 wraps of semo.... I was about to start eating my big chicken when a girl came and sat down in front of me.....
I was like oh my god shey thunder want to strike this girl ni??? Expecting her to go though so that I can battle with my big chicken meat and bone....but to my surprise the girl is not ready to go.......I actually cried inside though but I've to form big boy for I ate little out of the chicken and drank my fayrouz..
And off I went......I cried like 3liters gallon before I got my surprise I couldn't sleep all night long just because of my chicken...."NO FORMING BIG BOY AGAIN".. any christian brother can help my ministry by buying chicken for me....

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